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A Level System that Works

Clothing Store

Level 1 (30 days)

Writing Supplies

Incarcerated Members begin as Prospective Members. They are expected to qualify for Membership by meeting our high lifestyle requirements: 

  • Increasing and keeping their DOC Level, while increasing their level within the Ministry

  • Keeping their house and property in order daily

  • Working out on a regular basis

  • Attending Bible Study daily

  • Attending and graduating from the classes required during each level's set time frame​, and other classes offered to their group

  • Participation In Unit Flock Accountability Groups

  • Respecting all Staff, Volunteers, and Members at their facility

Level 2 (120 days)

Hygiene Supplies

Level 3 (210  days)


Level 4 (300 days)

  • Extra Clothing for Release

  • Re-Entry Eligible

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